As a worker-owned firm dedicated to the wellbeing of its workers, we run top-tier digital programs while putting our shared ideals and values at the center. Labor issues in this industry are often hand-waved away, because “the ends justify the means.” But the truth is, we can build power together and do good work without forcing our clients and partners to turn a blind eye to the poor conditions that got us there.

  • The mental, physical, emotional, and financial wellbeing of our members is as important as the success of our clients. This doesn’t mean we’re deprioritizing the quality of our work — in fact, we’re improving it. We’re aware of the burnout culture in this industry and don’t want our workers to become victims to it. By focusing on the health of our workers, we’ll have longer-lasting strategists and in turn, a stronger relationship with your team. This helps Bread & Roses, our clients, and the entire progressive movement.
  • We’re not a profit-motivated firm — not only will the Principal of B&R be capping his own salary, and not only will we charge lower rates than our competitors, but all excess profits of the company will be distributed among the workers. Instead, as a co-op, we focus on building lasting relationships. We won’t sideline clients in a never-ending pursuit of additional profit. We’re in the business of movement building, not profit chasing.

We want to be an agency that YOU can be proud of. We know that this work is essential – it has real consequences for real people. We do this work because we are passionate about it. Too often, that fact is used to exploit workers and extract profit from organizations struggling to balance their budgets to benefit a handful of consultancy owners. We are trying it differently.

We have all heard that we can either do meaningful work or live full, balanced lives. But that is a false choice. We know we can build a sustainable team with a significant work-life balance and do good work. We hope you join us.

– The Bread & Roses Team