• Aidan King

    Executive Director

    Aidan is a former grape-picker turned digital strategist who has worked in progressive politics since joining Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign in 2015. He has worked for nurses unions, immigrant rights groups, environmental organizations, and several House, Senate, and Presidential campaigns.

  • Priya Desai

    Director of Email

    Priya has been working in politics since 2014 when she was a field intern for Wendy Davis’ run for Texas Governor. Since then she has worked across many campaigns and organizations in operations and communications, landing in digital organizing and fundraising. She has run, owned and grown the email programs of progressive giants like Ro Khanna and Cori Bush, labor organizations like National Nurses United and organizations like Common Defense.

  • Blaise Drew-Davi

    Social Media Strategist

    Blaise has a nonprofit background and has worked in a number of fields, including community health, HIV testing and outreach, LGBTQ justice, union organizing, and workers’ rights. Through their varied experience they have come to understand how the issues impacting our world are deeply intertwined. They’re excited to plug in with orgs and candidates who are using the digital space to build power and contribute to this vital work. In their free time Blaise can be found making too much ice cream, swimming in the nearest body of water, or with their nose in a book of NYT crosswords.

  • Arthur Tarley

    Email Principal

    Arthur is an experienced digital strategist and campaign organizer. He’s been a part of socialist electoral campaigns in NYC, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s 2018 primary win, and coalition work like the effort to stop Amazon HQ2 in Queens. He has experience running email programs for a wide array of organizations and candidates. Arthur is also a fiction writer in his free time.

  • Susie Thai

    Creative Director

    Susie has over ten years of design experience. They’ve worked at agencies with clients such as Sony Pictures, Netflix, Hulu, etc.—but their proudest work has been with the values-aligned people and orgs (The ACLU, 1in6, The Markup, and more) building a better future for all. Susie is 1.5 generation Vietnamese-American. Their best future is one in which divestments from the United States’ defense budget is used to develop a thriving solidarity economy, and the military industrial complex is starved of its ability to abet imperialism. In their spare time, they like to paint and cook.